What is it?

An invited team of consultants from the Conference  has studied the strengths and weaknesses of our church.

What is the purpose? 

To strengthen our church.

How does it work?  

The consultants have developed an action plan with goals and a list of prescriptions for us to take in the coming months.  The church has voted to proceed with these prescriptions, and a coach (Pastor Gary Eberhart) has been assigned to assist us on our Journey.

How to get involved? 

Pray for our church.  Be informed about the Fruitful Congregation Journey and consider how you might be a part of it.  Be ready to accept one of the many opportunities for service and leadership that will be part of the Journey.

Actions in Progress

1.   Adopt the Official United Methodist Mission Statement:

“To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” 

2.  Hold a Vision Workshop – Wednesday, April 10th 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

3.  Conduct a day of Prayer and Forgiveness to recapture the spirit of revival – Sunday, May 5, Combined Worship at 10:30 a.m.

4.  Create teams by April 7 that will look at:

 Hospitality  – examine the mystery guest surveys, evaluate our current hospitality, create our hospitality plan.

 Signage       – examine our current signage (indoor & outdoor), look at other  church examples, make a proposal to Trustees.

Children’s Ministry – examine our current structure, look at how our Sunday  ministry matches our weekly ministry.  Redefine the job description of Children’s Ministry   staff person.

 Discipleship Pathway – examine our current Discipleship program.  Create a complete path to move people from seekers to full followers of Jesus Christ.  Create a Job  Description for a staff person who will work with Assimilation and Discipleship.

 Leadership Development – develop a comprehensive plan to recruit, train, and evaluate leaders. 

More information about the Fruitful Congregations Journey is available on the Indiana Conference website.